The Geology Level is a new level in AEWVS!It can be unlocked after beating The Woodwork Level.

Greeting Room[]

In fact,There isn't an actual room,It is the entrance to a giant mine,With some crystals and lots of rocks near it,Carl will welcome angell by giving her a picaxe and telling her that she need to find 10 geology notebooks and 10 crystals,After that,Angell will enter the mine!


The Notebboks are books with a picaxe symbol on them,Inside is a sort of an old phone with 3 questions to answer!

The Crystals are of different colours,Each of them represents an element,The colors are:Green-Yellow-Blue-Purple-Red-Orange-Pink-Brown-Light Blue and Black!


Normal ending:After angell has collected all the notebooks and crystals,Carl will laugh in a crazy way and then will start chase her at a crazy speed and by rotating like a tornado,If angell makes it to the exit of the mines,Carl will stop and will throw his picaxe away,A hand can be seen that takes the picaxe and then footsteps can be heard,Like someone is running away!After angell exits the mines,You will proeceed to the next level!

Lil puss ending:WIP