"Hello Ms. Angell, I'm Gaven Zurbuchen and I'm your last and final teacher. Come with me to my classroom"-Gaven

Came from Germany to Infinity School, and is also the Engineering Teacher of the Engineering Level


Gaven teaches engineering at infinity school, and is shown to have an impressive knowledge of his subject. However, he is even more volatile than the school's other teachers and lacks respect for Viktor, one of the school's most important teachers. This causes Gaven to have poor relations with many of the school's staff members, so one of his hobbies is to create mechanical entities to be be his friends, although many of them fail and turn against him.

His usual dress is a lilac v neck over a blue polo shirt, with beige trousers and red shoes. He always carries a notepad, and can be looking at it at various intervals, but what is on the notepad is unknown. Gaven also has large goat like horns and a scarlet cranium due to his infernal heritage. Unfortunately, the red cranium has developed several dark spots due to incorrect conditions, which has made his encounters with Marzia troublesome for him. He is also blind, By one of the failed entities. He can only see when he turned into a Balrog


Power of Disguise

Can change into a human. This helps to feel safer and blend in more with the others


Do I really need to say anything about flight?

Removable parts

When Disguising into a human he can make his horns, wing, and tail go away he also does this at night because it gets uncomfortable when laying down


He may seen like a cool and chill teacher but you get him angry he will turn into a more powerful demon

So don't anger him







  • His voice is [en-US] Mike Stevens -S from
  • he was Born: May 30th, 2000
  • He share his birthday with his Creator