This page has a list of the locations found in the fanmade Gardening Level of Aewvs.

Muddy Field[]

This is the area where the player and Barnaby Wilkins start.It consists of Barnaby’s shed ,the first patch of crops to cut, a carrot patch, and if the player is lucky, a shovel.

The Forest[]

This a very broad area, and the main area of the game.It has trees,sheds,hideouts,useful items and more.


This a a thick swamp which is extremely hard for the player to navigate.This is where alligators can be found. Very rarely, useful items can be found underneath the swamp.


These are areas that Angell can build using sticks that she finds on the ground.They take quite an effort to build, but while in them,Barnaby cannot catch the player.

Utility Shed[]

A shed made entirely out of corrugated steel which can only be accessible by completing the puzzle on the front door using the rusty gear artifact.

Air Raid Shelter[]

A secret location underneath the forest.It contains antibreather protecting one of the rotator doors containing VILE .

Rusty Dungeon[]

A mysterious location contains bones from different animal bones aswell as Freek-a-del’ka roaming freely.It can be released to distract antibreather.


This area is only accessible if the builds a ladder. It contains edible items and some sodas, aswell as a pair of binoculars used to view the map.


Manholes are deep holes that the player has to avoid because they won’t be able to get out once they have fallen in.One particular manhole is larger and darker than the others.If the player falls into this one they will be transported to The Abyss.