This the page regarding the Gardening Level and it's items. Rarity:

  • Grey: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Red or Black: Ultra Rare

Useless Items[]

Useless Items
Items Description Rarity
Foil Spawns in inventory after eating a chocolate crisp.  Grey

Spawns in inventory after eating a cookie.

Crushed Soda Can Spawns in inventory after using a soda. Grey
Bones Can be found on corpses. Grey
Flesh Can be found on corpses. Grey
Glass piece Has the chance to cut the protagonist upon picking it up. Grey
Lollipop stick Spawns in inventory after eating a Lollipop stick. Grey
Teeth Can be picked up from corpses/ Can be randomly picked up during the trimming mini-game. Black
Tarwill mask The mask of an unknown tarwill. Black

Edible Items[]

Edible Items
Items Description Rarity
Cooked Fungi Restores the Stamina bar by 75% Green
Cookie Restores the stamina bar by 100% Green
Chocolate Muffin Infinite stamina for 10 seconds. Green
Spicy Cheddar Chips Can either restore the stamina bar by 85% or give infinite stamina for 12 seconds. Blue
Lolipop Infinite stamina for 20 seconds. Causes a sugar crash. Blue
Steak Infinite stamina for 35 seconds.  Red

Defense Items[]

Lemon- berry sweet soda- short range

Flash- medium range

Javelin- long range

Miscellaneous Items[]

Dead boar- a boar killed by javelin

Steak, raw- a steak that hasn’t been cooked

Shovel- can dig up items

Pen knife- capable of cutting sticks

Fireworks- can kill kill alligators

abomination-an unknown purple substance