Food Creatures are mutants made out of different type of foods of the Wyvern Way!


Zuck-A giant pumpkin monster that destroys walls and eats humans!

Apple Launcher- a strange monster of poisoned apples that wants to force humans to eat them!

Lemon Bread-a mutant half food half humanoid,It uses his body to do a creepy sound that enters inside the mind of other inhabitants! Doughnut- a fat doughnut with pink icing that wanders around breaking things. Coffee- A travel cup full of hot coffee which it spills on the floor to make people slip. Sandwich- a large baguette that runs around causing mayhem.

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They normally spawn in the kitchen, on tables or in the cafeteria of the level,If Angell enters the kitchen,they’ll will start chase her to destroy her along with Kitchen Creatures,to stop lemon bread you need to throw some water at her,TO stop apple Launcher you need to use chimical uses or something,I will work on this character. Although most food creatures have unique ways to be killed, they can all be killed if the player uses the chewing gum item.


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