This is a list of all the items in the Film studies level of AEwVS .

Useless items-foil( from chocolate bar),crushed cup(from coffee),crushed can( from soda)bottles( from supply room)broken spanner,snapped screwdriver,dismantled hammer(all of these tools are found in the dining room)

Edible items - melon piece, NUTS chocolate bar, doughnut,Ice cream ( obtained only from helping mr mix)

Defence items- Coffee, detonator

Miscellaneous items- scp-4002( can be combined with rusty knife to make melon pieces),Detonator( can be placed on the floor. After 3 seconds, it explodes, filling the area with steam) Tracker ( shows parts of the map and tracks Jemima)Space Hopper (can be used to make the player 15% faster for 15 seconds) squimp ( can disable a painting for 5 seconds)charged squimp ( disables a painting for 50 seconds), the cake, paleo( a carton that releases ten miniature dinosaurs when used),ultra squimp( shoots 25 cups of coffee into a painting)Lord Squimpson( disables every painting for 10 seconds)epic squimp (creates 500 melon pieces every time it is used)SKWUMPH(creates 12 of every item placeable in the belt,100 mushrooms,1000 melon pieces, 10000 muffins of each type, 999 packets of crisps, 666 neodymium magnets,and an infinite amount of cakes and 123 cups of coffee)drill, green key,orange key

Coins- quarter, gold coin ,copper piece[]

Artifacts( coming soon)

gems:diamond,ruby,emerald , amethyst,opal

building items : wooden planks ,metal rods( can be used to make passages to broken parts of the school.