The film studies level is another new level for aewvs.


The teacher is Jemima Gomez, upon greeting the student, she says” welcome of my film level!Go to class 1a an get all of my film notebooks!”You must collect 25 notebooks around the level, use iron rods and wooden planks to make passages, find the key to the lift and leave to win .

Greeting room& first class[]

The greeting room is a cubical room with three vending machines,2 bins, a couple of chalkboards and a few statues.First class is a thin , L- shaped room with some pencils & binders and the first notebook in the corner.


There are some pictures of textures down below.



normal ending- Jemima will chase the player slightly faster than their running speed, but Angell will have more stamina from adrenaline.Jemima will scream at her taking away a bit of her sanity. The player will have to open a pair of double doors with a code and lock it with a neodymium magnet , to stop Jemima from breaking out of her floor

nobses ending-This ending can only be achieved if the the player has traversed through scp-432 and collected the armour at the end.When the player has collected the last notebook , they will be transported to a bizarre castle, where they will be able to explore various rooms (most of them are locked) which contain mysterious objects . After exactly five minutes of exploring , the player will be chased be a huge red nobses at a ridiculous speed . When it kills them,a strange red death screen will be shown before the game crashes.

666 ending-After the last notebook has been collected, ghosts will spawn in most rooms and utter a deafening wail which takes lots of the player’s sanity.A special death screen will be shown when the player is killed, but if they manage to survive they will be transported to the corpse room.There will be a chance that the player spots a big 3:00 sign , indicating that the player should open the game at 3 am.

Once you open the game,You will find yourself in the red forest,The only thing is that instead of the watcher,A new mysterious voice can be heard,Saying that the player is not supposed to be in the forest,And a strange Smile Pin will appear in angell's inventory,After that,The voice will say that you have to resist and try to beat all the levels of the game,Reason is unknown,Then the game will crash and istantly reopens!