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This page is a list of staff members on the Wikipedia.


Bureaucrats have the same powers as admins(see below), as well as the ability to promote users to bureaucrat, admin, moderator, and rollback, and can demote admins, moderators & rollbacks too.

  • Registe0- Head Admin and amateur css/js coder. Status:Active


Administrators( also known as sysops and admins) are trusted users that have special powers, including blocking, customizing MediaWiki pages, protecting pages, and deleting pages. They will be able to help you if you contact them.


Moderators are staff members with the ability to delete & protect pages, as well as the ability to remove and close unnecessary threads and kick users from the chat. There are two types of moderators: Content Moderators (can delete and protect pages) Thread Moderators ( can manage threads and discussions)

  • Old Sport - Creator of AEwVS: RPG Maker Edition. Status: Semi-Active
  • Toshdeluxd- Creator of numerous pages and levels. Status:Active


Rollbacks can undo bad faith edits by clicking “rollback” next to the edit they want to rollback.

Current Rollbacks

  • VILE Creator of Viktor’s New Hotel and others. Status:Active