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This is a list of rules on the wiki that all users must follow to make the wiki a civil,safe,and friendly place. These rules apply all across the wiki, including the discussions,forums, and chat.


Vandalism is defacing, destroying, or ruining something; in this case, pages on the wiki. It can take many forms, and includes : removing content from pages, inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages, posting irrelevant content on pages, posting NSFW content on pages, and creating off-topic/NSFW pages. Vandalism is prohibited because it destroys other’s hard work, and generally reduces the quality of the wiki.


Spamming is repeatedly posting something over and over in an attempt to gain attention. Spamming is prohibited because it makes it harder to read pages of the wiki and is usually off-topic, trolling or advertising which ruins the wiki. Posting on old threads, discussions, or blogs can also be counted as spam, and is known as necroposting, but this is a very minor offence.


Harassment is the act of offending another user. It includes saying insulting things to another user, discriminating a user for their sexuality, race, nationality, or religion, impersonating another user, doxxing what a user deems personal information, trolling, spreading rumours about other users and vandalising specifically to harass another user. Harassment is prohibited as it causes disruption across the community and can users to leave the community.

Other Offences

Here are some other offences that could get a user blocked although they don’t fit in the categories of vandalism, spam, or harassment :

  • Having an inappropriate username & or avatar
  • Impersonating someone else
  • Creating another account to try & dodge a block
  • Being under the age of 13, as this violates COPPA & can be unsafe for a user
  • Stealing someone else’s work/using someone’s work without their permission. This includes stealing images, so please use your own or royalty free images.


If you find a user breaking one or more of these guidelines, don’t take the matter into your own hands, instead, contact an administrator as they have the permission to warn and the ability to block the offender.


If you are an admin, you can block a user who has broken the rules.It is highly recommended you block them using these guidelines: (Work in progress)

  • a minor breach of rules: Give the user a warning. If continued, block them for three days.
  • moderate breach of rules: give a warning. If continued, block for 2 weeks.
  • A severe breach of rules: Block the user for 6 months and give them a message explaining their block.
  • Extreme breach of rules: Block the user permanently and then give them a message explaining their block.
  • If a user necroposts, two warning will be allowed, then a one day block. If continued treat as a minor offence, and so on.
  • If a user has an inappropriate name or avatar, or if they impersonate someone, permanently block them until it is changed.
  • If a user is under 13, block them until their 13th birthday if it has been revealed, if not just block them until the year they turn 13.

Block Appeals

If you believe that an administrator has blocked you unfairly, you may appeal your ban. You can do so by contacting the administrator that banned you (you should only contact another admin in exceptional circumstances, like the admin who blocked you gets globally blocked themselves, or their account gets deleted.), with a formal message explaining why you think that you should be unblocked/your block should be shortened. The administrator can choose to accept or decline your appeal, and it is recommended that the matter is discussed with other staff members.

Remember, do not create another account to dodge your block as FANDOM forbids such behaviour, and your other account will end up getting blocked as well.