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Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the EternityDev Fanon Wiki!

This a wiki dedicated to fanmade content & characters for Advanced education with Viktor Strobovski and other EternityDev games.

Important Notices

  • None of the content you will see here is canon to the actual games.
  • Please read the Rules.
  • If you require assistance, you can contact a Staff member.
  • Please use proper grammar and punctuation when creating pages. If you find this too difficult, you can create pages with grammar mistakes, as long as you’re fine with someone else coming to correct the errors.
  • Although this started off as a roleplay wiki, it is now a wiki where you can post any type of fan-made content here.
  • Please don’t post any of your fan-made content on the main wiki.
  • Please only make pages that are actually related to the game in some way.


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