The Drawing Level is the unofficial extra level of Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski. It can be only unlocked by collecting all 5 history notebooks and reaching the station wagon.


When starting the level, Mr. Grapthund will greet the player for entering his floor, then he tells the player to go to a random classroom and solve his activities. The first notebook will be normal, but the second one is corrupted. When answered wrong, Mr. Grapthund will get angry and start chasing the player.


The appearance of the drawing level's notebooks are Grey rectangles with a black pen attached to a black wire. There are 6 Examples in every notebook and based on topics. You can toggle touchscreen mode on the Draw R Us Pad 230TM (if you have Lenovo thinkpad and you want to draw with a stylist). There is also 10 Biology Notebooks (Sylvia will chase you as well) in the level. If the player collects the 10 Notebooks will a advantage at the end


Here are some endings for the drawing level:

Puss Mode[]

After 10 Notebooks are collected, Mr. Grapthund will tell the player that they are a filthy, disgusting a-hole and to get out of his floor, Then in 3 seconds Alice, Sylvia Stavros and Grapthund himself will shout out GET THE (Censored) OUT RIGHT NOW! Then music will play and the three teachers will chase the player to the exit. When the player reach the exit, the level ends thus giving the player an achievement.

Easy, Medium and Brainiac Mode[]

After collecting 10 notebooks, Mr. Grapthund will congratulate the player for solving his task. But then he'll say that there is one more task for the player to do, which of course get to the elevator and he'll not hesitate, Meaning that the player needs to get to there without getting caught by him. When the player reaches the exit the level ends, Which unlocks the next level.

666 Ending*[]

This ending is only activated if all 6th examples in every 6 Notebooks have been drawn with the resemblance to 666 (Either drawing a pentagon with a upside-down star, Writing 666 or an inverted cross). When the 6th notebook is collected... nothing happens until after 6 seconds, static will fill the screen for 6 seconds and disappear and you will be right back where you are. But there is a few differences after the static is gone:

  • Every character (Except for the player) is gone
  • There is no music nor sounds (Except for the player).
  • The notebook counter now shows DRAWING 6/6 rather DRAWING 6/10
  • The textures of the level's walls, floors and ceilings are tinted with a little bit of red.
  • And All paintings, Items and Objects (Except DCoins) are gone as well

After 6 Minuets have passed a text in blood red will appear and reads: GO TO THE EXIT... which the player do so.

When the player has reached the exit and interacted with it a cutscene will play:

The player was walking to the when they try to open the elevator, but after pressing the button 5 times player will say *Hang on... it won't open!* then red static will appear for 4 seconds and disappear. The Player looks left and right, the walls, floors and ceilings are now rusted with flesh, then the player will hear Mr. Grapthund chuckling. Then the player looks around to see a distorted version of Mr. Grapthund coming fast towards them and collides with the player making static appear for 1 minute then disappear. then a text appear for 1 second that read: C0M3 B4CK T0 M1DN1GHT and game will close.

More of the 666 Ending will explained later on another page

*This won't work on Puss Mode

Biologic Artist/Artistic Biologist (Optional)[]

This ending is the same as 2nd ending but if collected 10 Biology Notebooks have been collected, Sylvia will stop chasing the play and congrats the player, then she will be near the greeting room door. When the player exits the greeting room door, she will block it so Mr. Grapthund won't come in and also refuse to open the door. When the player reaches the exit, the level ends thus giving the player achievement.

Music and Ambiance*[]

*There is no music or ambiance but there is some descriptions what they are

You got a Friend in me (Instrumental) (edited) Plays on the Title Screen
Pilotredsun - Bund 6 Plays at the start of the Drawing Level
Baked Potato - TOYSTORY.EXE (edited) Plays when Mr. Grapthund is angered
Trinchetto - Overture To The Sun Plays during the Final Chase

That's all