An anti-dragon of astounding power, comparable to perhaps even Apocrythan, this monstrosity is very well- known among the other Shadow Creatures. It is believed to be one of the main reasons why Dragonkind has been practically driven to extinction. It is known for its massive wings that can apparently block out the entire sky when the creature takes flight.

It also holds grudges. When Sundancer and Zakriel have the audacity to wake it up with their screaming, bite its tongue, and then make a fool out of it by dancing on its head, it decides that it wants to "devour the little brats". It also doesn't seem particularly fond of the Angels of Heaven. Why? Because it can sense that they have some sort of association with Dragon Girl/ Lavenza, and that is enough reason for it (and any other Shadow Creature) to despise them.

Seeing as Dragons/ anti-dragons do not originate from their world, it is pretty obvious that the S.T.D.K don't do very well against this thing.

While there is no evidence for this, the creature is believed to have once lived with Goldon'Geyzsron...