Lavenza's ex-boyfriend, and once a renowned member of the S.T.D.K, only second to the Commander of the S.T.D.K himself, Azukriel. The other Angels absolutely despise him for turning on them, and, as he is a "God-Cursed-Traitor", they have permission to kill him. Lavenza never truly gave up on him, however, and still clings to the hope that he will one day see the errors of his ways and return to the light. Although....she said very different things when Archangel Lorel questioned her about it, but, to her credit, she was not lying- she hates and loves Dharkron at the same time. He is very skilled in combat, even among the S.T.D.K, and their entire purpose is fighting. After his betrayal, him and Lavenza didn't really stay in contact. The few occasions on which they met often ended violently. Whenever him, Lavenza and Apocrythan are at the same place at the same time, Apocrythan makes it his business to shower Lavenza with as much flattery as possible, as he knows how much this will annoy Dharkron. When the other Angels get the absolutely brilliant idea of sacrificing Lavenza to Apocrythan, Dharkron attempts to stop them by arguing that Apocrythan is a master of deception, and cannot be trusted. Even if they did sacrifice Lavenza to him, he would still no doubt destroy the universe.

Apocrythan's nickname for him is "Sideman".

It turns out that Lavenza never really liked Dharky, and only went out with him because she...well...didn't quite understand what he was asking her. She figured he wanted to take her out to get some ice cream or something. Surprising no one, because Lavenza's known for living in her own little world half the time, and I'm guessing romance isn't a part of that world.

When Lavenza gets herself exiled from Heaven, Sideman(that's what I'm calling him from now on) felt....good....? But also really bad....? He....hated Lavenza, but....she was nice. To say that he completely hated her would be a lie. And he knew it. During Lavenza's exile, their friendship is renewed, as the two of them run around wrecking havoc on Earth. He thinks that Lavenza looks good in that new outfit of hers. And she does. When he tries to tell her that, she breaks his legs. But it was still worth it.