Destroyer is a character found in the Woodwork Level and in the Sector 13 of AEWVS!


He is robotic killer with two plasma shooters for hands and a laser emetitor for eyes,He also has a toxic gas containers on him and a big mouth with no teeths!He is only made of solid metal and possibly uranium!


He is locked in a chamber in the Sector 13,After He sees angell,He will get very angry and will break open the chamber to follow and kill angell,While doing this,He will destoy everything and shoots everywhere and also will fly by emetting toxic gas!It is impossible to stop!

In theWoodwork Level,He will hide in a sort of a basement with nothing in it,If angell finds entrance and enters,He will exit violently from it and will follow every single one of the inhabitants to destory them,Starting by killing angell!

In the Physics Level,He can be founded in one of the classrooms disactivated and a bit broken,There is no way to activate him,But you can took out from his body a metal heart,If you take the heart and use it on him,You will be kicked out of the level and if you enter again,This time the destroyer will be activated and will follow you,If you reinsert the heart in him,He will calm down and will give you a poisoned dagger,Appearently it is one of the daggers of Crow!


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