Denro is an aggressive creature found in the Woodwork Level. Once the player has collected their first item, it will be after them.


Denro has a large quadrupedal body the colour of dried blood. Its face is wrinkled and squashed to the extent that the only prevailing appendage is its long, fang filled trunk.It has large, powerful legs armed with yellowed talons for dismembering its prey. It also has a small tail, but the purpose of this is unknown.


Denro will run after the player, although it isn’t that intelligent, so it finds this task extremely difficult. If it does manage to catch the player, it will stun for either 10, 20, or even 30 seconds, but if they have a low blood level it will be able to kill them. It has the power of invisibility making it extremely hard to track.Luckily,it doesn’t know it has this power and so it switches from invisibility to visibility frequently.To track where it is the player must use the radar scanner, which when used causes a small circle to appear on the the left hand corner of the screen which gives a rough interpretation of where the player is in the school,as well as where denro is.

These are the codes for characters shown on the radar scanner.

  • Denro- red dot
  • Carle & Edwin Luxbury-brown dot
  • Player-white dot
  • Head Teacher- grey dot
  • School Guards-blue dot
  • эпикалық сақтаушы баланың былғары- pink dot
  • Smile wolf- purple dot
  • Lockpick- orange dot