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Locations & staff[]

You can enter the Dstore by using the D coin poster from when you start the game. Main Hall - a medium sized area with desks and chairs . Backyard- a small area with lots of plants Counter - an area with a menu with items and test maps to buy, as well as the clerk and a Lucifer poster. Secret area- you need a rusty knife to open this area


'Foods' Vegetables:carrot4d carrot seeds10d Kachan12d Snacks/desserts:cookie1d fortune cookie2d soda3d ice cream3d muffin4d chips5d seeds5d bar6d cat food10d donut10d donut box 100d 'Medical Items ' Medkits:patch1d bandage3d small medkit7d medkit25d Needles:empty needle3d water needle5d green needle30d blue needle30d pink needle30d orange needle30d yellow needle30d red needle30d cyan needle30d Pills: full pills pack7d School Utilities

Pencils:yellow pencil5d Notebooks:blue notebook10d yellow notebook10d Tape:duct tape15d waterproof tape15d white tape8d Tapes:distorted tape1d noise tape3d characters tape5d 666 tape10d Chalk:coloured chalk8d chalk piece25d 1d=1 cent 3d=25 cent 5d= 50 cent 6d=51 cent