Corvus is the fourth teacher of Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski. He is seen in the Geometry Level, which can be unlocked after beating the History Level.


Corvus is a male humanoid. He wears old-style Victorian clothing and holds in his left hand what is presumably a cane. He has a slightly tilted square head, which is most likely to represent the fact that he teaches geometry. He has a single large eye, and a hidden mouth that only appears when he is angry.


Corvus has virtually no personality whatsoever, until you anger him by getting an example wrong, in which case his hidden mouth appears, as he grinds his teeth. As he states in the 2nd and 3rd example of the 1st notebook, he cannot move if you look at him, so it's best to be looking in his direction if he is in the same hallway as you. He also seems to be scared of the Beeper, which shows that he may not know what a computer is, despite the fact that that is how he tutors the player at the start of the level.


Corvus' voice is some sort of British male text-to-speech.

Sound Description
Corvus welcoming the player to his floor.
The first example.
The second example.
The third example.
The fourth example.
The fifth example.
Corvus becoming mad when you get an example wrong.
Corvus' jumpscare.
Corvus' speech before the final chase.

Character and level concept by Dystopianclock.

Potential subjects other than Geometry he could teach[]

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Media Studies ( Might clash with film studies)