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The Coding Level is the unofficial seventeenth level of Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski. It can be unlocked after beating the Healthcare Level. You need to be cautious as you have to jump over holes.


There are 3 endings in the Coding Level.

Lil puss mode[]

As this is Lil Puss mode, this is not a true ending. After collecting all notebooks, Mimi will say "You just had to f**king pick the lil puss mode didn’t you, get your ass off my f**king floor". She will then flick off the player and the screen fades to black.

Normal ending[]

This ending is very similar to the ending on the language level. After collecting all notebooks, The player will lose control of Angell, Mimi will say "Huh, you’re more skilled then I thought. It’s pretty trivial what you should do now. "THATS RIGHT GET OFF MY FLOOR YOU DUMBASS SKANK". Once the drop of the song hits, the player will gain control again and have infinite stamina, you must get to the elevator and enter in the right codes before Mimi gets to you.

Maximum Anger ending[]

To get this ending, you must answer all notebooks incorrectly, after that the same will happen as the normal ending except when your about to reach the elevator the player will lose control. And Mimi will teleport in the way of the elevator, after that she’ll turn back into her normal form and start calming down by breating in and out. After that she’ll say "Angell I’m sorry about my angry outburst, I just sad because my favorite vase broke last week". After that she will move out of the way to let angell go into the elevator.