The Christmas Level(working title) is a fanmade Christmas-themed level for AEwVS being created by Joynauti, Registe0, and Toshdeluxd.


You find yourself in a curious, slightly menacing, snow-filled village where Viktor informs you about your important task to find the presents scattered around the village and deliver them to the correct staff member on the correct floor because he is to lazy to do it. As you explore you will find such horrors as carnivorous reindeer, aggressive villagers, mutated elves, numerous corpses, and ridiculous snowmen.


Viktor-Viktor is found at the start of the level instructing the player on what to do, and after the player starts collecting presents he can be found sitting around in the village pub Marzia- Marzia can be found on the ice skating rink, perpetually falling over and getting up again, but there’s a 10% she will chase the player until Marzia gets her present. Alice- Alice’s head can be found where the reindeers are kept. Corvus-Found reading a geometry themed newspaper on a bench close to the ice skating rink. Reindeer- The reindeer seem to be docile, but if the player is holding a meat-related item, their feral nature will be revealed, and the player will need to build a trap to catch the reindeer. Mutated elves Snowmen-They annoy the player by blocking their way, and telling awful jokes.


Assorted jelly beans-restore one hundredth of your stamina bar, they come in 12 different flavours.

Pigs in blankets- gives you 75% of your stamina bar back

Toffee Pears -gives you infinite stamina for 3 seconds. Carrots/Parsnips- gives you infinite stamina for 8 seconds. Christmas puddings-gives you infinite stamina for 12 seconds. Turkey-Gives you infinite stamina for 45 seconds Gravy-Can be poured on snowmen to melt them Advent Calendar-There are hints behind each door, but they can only be unlocked by getting achievements in the level. Santa Hat-Can be equipped to make the player significantly susceptible to frostbite.


Frostbite-achieved by being in the snow for too long, it reduces your inventory.


There are a couple of secrets in this level, although they are either jokes or references.

  • If you manage to break the part of the ice rink by repeatedly dropping a turkey on it, you will fall into water and briefly see Mollow(from gd), before the player dies.
  • If you go to the small forest on the edge of the village, you can fall off the map and you will be greeted by a huge Diplodocus skeleton.


Coming soon