Useless-empty pigeon(from fat pigeons),foil(from crab chips)paper(from cookies)bones(from corpses),empty needle(from used needles)

edible-mushroom(restores 1/4 of the player’s stamina)cookie(refills stamina to max)candy cane(maxes out stamina for 5 seconds)crab chips(maxes out stamina for 15 seconds),mandarin(maxes out stamina for 20 seconds)needle(maxes out stamina for 120 seconds)

sanity regain- pill(maxes out sanity for 10 seconds),syrup(maxes out sanity for 30 seconds)needle(maxes out sanity for 120 seconds)

defence-fat pigeon, chocolate muffin ,king fat Pigeon, pigeon god true succ form

misc- neodymium magnet( stops Casper from opening some doors),birdseed(refills empty pigeons),cross(stuns puppet for a short while),sacred cross(an upgraded version of the cross),tape(confuses head teacher from her work) screaming head(a bloodied head that makes an unsettling sound when used)

Money-quarter,gold coin,note( a very rare item equivalent to 10 gold coins)

keys-purple key,orange key (found in the old gallery, opens toys room and rusty closet), green key(opens punishment room,the artillery room and the old gallery)