Here is a list of the different locations in the Chemistry Level of AEWVS.

Greeting Room[]

A small cubical room with some bins and the door to the lobby, as well as the exit and a transit door.


This a jumble of short corridors and small rooms , one of them being the first class.This area contains a few useful items


There are about 20 classrooms in total , but only a few contain notebooks, but every classroom contains at least one item


A huge room with up to three notebooks in, with doors leading to other rooms and about 100 chairs.It also contains several useful items.

Locker Room[]

A room containing several coins, two tapes and an inaccessible fortune cookie.This is also where Angell can equip her swimming costume to go in the Pool


A large room containing a deep murky pool, some towels, some bones and some edible items.Sometimes, special items and notebooks can be found in the pool, but there are alligators in the pool which can kill Angell.

Staff Rooms[]

You can get sent to the punishment room for going in these rooms,they usually contain useful items, organs ,bloodied tools and bones in these rooms.

Punishment Room[]

A triangular room with disturbing paintings and a bin contains a fat pigeon.This is where you get sent when you break one of the rules.

Supply Room[]

A dark room with racks containing various items.Notebooks can spawn here too.

Hall of Ages[]

see Hall of ages


There are several of these backrooms in the school; they contain random items and interactibles.


old messy rooms with sinks and cubicles.This is is where Casper Calunitov changes when hit by a muffin.

Teacher’s lounge[]

a long room with torture devices and useless items;it counts as a staff only room.It also has a door to the staff locker room.

Staff locker room[]

A room with the neodymium magnet and the green key, as well as many lockers and upturned desks and chairs

Old Gallery[]

This room contains fan art and creepypastas , sometimes it contains several crosses or needles

Rusty Closet[]

This room requires the orange key to open , and it is a tiny room with rusted weapons and a money note.

Artillery Room[]

This room looks like a class due to its shape,but it only contains rusty white chairs and defence items,but it requires the green key to open.

Toys Room[]

This room is where puppet spawns, and he will retire here every so often.There are many other disfigured puppets in this room, which cause moderate sanity loss, but it is still worthwhile being in this room, as pink needles spawn here.This room requires the orange key to open.

Snow Garden[]

A test area where the player can make snowballs and snow angels.There are also snow men, but they can’t be built.Also if the player stays in this area for to long they will die of cold.