the Chemistry level is a new level in AEWVS,featuring the titular character Casper Calunitov.

Greeting Room[]

The Chemistry Level’s greeting room is a long room with several upturned bins,some weird paintings and a drinking fountain.Casper Calunitov will then welcome the player and give a brief explanation of what they need to do.


The notebooks are dusty yellow binders with a picture of a test tube filled with green liquid.There are 18 of these to collect,each one with 7 examples about liquids in bottles(eg. milk,orange juice,oil).


the walls are made of clay with a blueish tint,the doors are circular and are made out of copper,the lockers are taller and a deep purple in colour.



Normal ending-Casper will tell the player to remove themselves from his level on the speaker, and will proceed to chase the player at their running speed, and will be able to smash through wall. While this chase is happening, The priest and Puppet will also be more aggressive towards the player. When the player reaches the lift Casper will say “ you passed Chemistry class.Very extremely good!”

lil puss ending- Viktor tells the player that they have done a good job, and then suddenly Casper emerges and sprints after, but Viktor guides them so they will not be caught until they reach the lift.

Flesh ending- this can be achieved by rescuing convicted flesh soul from the Hall of ages. When the player collects the 18th notebook, the school goes blurry and distorted and 6 followers appear in the school, which will drain all of the players stamina and half of their sanity. The Priest will only attack the player when they are in Casper’s line of sight, and the head teacher will be on her last straw,while puppet have completely disappeared.

666 ending-as soon as the player collects the 18th notebook,they will be teleported to the red forest and will have to survive 666 seconds against 18 mutated Caspers, or the game will crash.