These are the different types of objects found in the fanmade “Chasms” of AEWVS.

Stalactites & Stalagmites[]

These common rock formations are abundant in the chasms, and cause a minor hazard for the travellers.

Potholes & Manholes[]

Occasionally, when walking through the chasms, a traveller will get there foot stuck or even fall down these. It is unknown why these are so frequent in the chasms, but it can be assumed it’s to do with the mischievous inhabitants of the chasms.


Satanic altars can sometimes be spotted in the chasms, but it is recommended to stay away from them .

Cave Paintings[]

The chasms cave been around for a very long time, as shown by these paintings that date back as far as the Stone Age.

Rock Walls[]

Occasionally there will be large rock slopes where a traveller is trying to walk in the chasms, blocking the path. They may seem ominous at first, but are usually easy to climb.

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