Chasms are a fanmade secret level in AEWVS. They are only accessible by manipulating the game’s code.


The chasms are massive gorges and and cave networks that are hard to navigate. They vary in colour from grey, brown and even red, although in some deeper areas the colours are hardly visible because it is too dark. Dark areas are also useful for harbouring hidden hostile creatures, some are even known to see in the dark.


Throttlers- Tall, vaguely human creatures with with long clawed arms for choking its prey. These throttlers hunt alone, but are found abundantly in the chasms, making them Angell’s most common adversary.

Death Heads- When throttlers leave their saliva on one of its victim’s heads, the head becomes cursed for all eternity as a death head, a mean-spirited undead abomination that loves to torment travellers. Although death heads themselves are usually to weak to kill travellers , it is said that their laughter can cause mental illnesses.

Kakouns- Thin humanoids with long black hair and dry white skin are known by travellers as Kakoun. It is also well known that they enjoy to harass those in the chasms, by ways such as mimicking telltale sounds of a throttler , screaming threats and dropping rocks onto or in front of travellers. If confronted, it will be revealed that the Kakouns are complete cowards, as they will run away at the slightest hint of combat.

Banshees -Large white apes with ten eyes, four arms and a huge black tongue. Although all this is known about their appearance, they are actually very rare to see as they are shy. They usually like to hide far away from any other creatures in the chasms, in secret cracks or hidden caves, usually in groups of two or three.They are always howling mysterious & intriguing noises, and can even mimic noises of humans talking.Every so often they make a truly blood curdling sound, which signifies someone is about to die.

Tenggoons- Long tentacles attached to what seems to be rotting flesh that extend to massive lengths, Tenggoons are curious creatures said to be made of dead travellers’ remains. They can be seen quite frequently in the chasms, but the actual bodies are a rare sight.They are capable of strangling humans, and have even been known to take on Throttlers.

Scrabblers -Chunky, greyish arachnids slightly larger than a human hand dart and slide chaotically across rocks making strange wheezing sounds. Although not the most dangerous adversary of the chasms, they are definitely one of the most interesting.Travellers have been known to follow them for miles and miles, but unfortunately, those who do rarely live to tell the tale.

Gárulaa Shaq’k- a truly humongous entity, the Gárulaa Shaq’k is said to be as large as the chasms themselves, although it is hardly ever seen, though it is said to look like your worst nightmare and can cause the worst deaths imaginable.


Glass shard-Pieces of glass found on chasm floors.They’re useful for warding off death heads and scrabblers, and can dig tunnels in softer areas of the chasms .

Debris-Various bits and pieces of rock and gravel that comes in a few different varieties.They don’t do anything.

Liquid food-Some sort of compressed roast dinner in a plastic tube,it gives the player 125% speed for 25 seconds.

Tassty kake-An ancient slice of pink & white wedding cake that refills the player’s stamina bar.

ultimate cube - A joke item. When complete,it can do absolutely anything the person holding it wants, but it is missing one battery that can’t be found anywhere in game.

generic coin- a metal coin with some writing on it. Can be used on the telephone.

Rusty Cleaver- a powerful item used to fight against most enemies in the chasms,can be accessible from a safe unlocked by all 3 codes found on the walls of the chasms.

Flesh chunks- pieces of meat from an unknown source which will either cause stomach pains or restore a reasonable amount of stamina.

Shrunken Head- A strange ancient head with greasy hair and an unsettling grin, which gives whoever’s in possession of it bad luck.


  • Written by Registe0
  • The misspelling of “Tasty Cake” is intentional