Casper Calunitov is a fanmade character and a chemistry teacher at the AEWVS school. He appears within the Chemistry Level.


Casper has long grey hair and a face that appears to be made out of cardboard. He wears an orange pullover, a blue polo shirt, grey cords and knee high leather boots.

When angered, his face becomes dark and distorted and gains a wicked grin, and carries a large, bloodied leather whip.


Every time the player picks up an item, Casper can locate them and moves slightly faster until they have used that item.

He can be stunned by using a chocolate muffin or a fat Pigeon.

After collecting 3 notebooks, Casper will become completely silent until he is seen by the player in which case he'll become audible again. This event will occur at least three times per playthrough.


”Well hello there new student ! I am Casper Calunitov, the brilliant chemistry teacher of the school! Now what you shall do: going to first class and learn about fun liquids!”(Plays as soon as the player enters his floor)

”Welcome to first notebook ! You must look at image of liquid and write liquid name! Once you do all of these notebooks, you can leave !( Plays when the player picks up the first notebook)

“That is right!”( plays when the player answers correctly)

“Wow”( plays when the player answers correctly)

“Very wide!”( plays when the player answers correctly )

” Very extremely good!”(plays when the player answers correctly)

”UH YOU MORON”( plays when the player answers wrong)

“I’m going to whip your @$$ out of existence “( plays when he starts chasing the player)

“You ruined my best jumper!”(plays when hit by a defence item)

“Stop that! Come back here now !“(plays when hit by a defence item

“Leave me alone !”(plays when hit by a defence item)

”You worthless scumbag !”(Plays when hit by a defence item)

”Blast!”(Plays when hit by a defence item)

”Good girl! You did all your work! NOW GET THE DAMN HELL OUT OF MY FLOOR! or something real bad might happen...”(Plays when the player collects the penultimate notebook)

”Congratulations! You passed chemistry class! ”( plays as the player enters the elevator)


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