"Who wants a hug?~" -Casey

Casey is a cacti plant that gained sentience and now wanders the halls of the school in search of people to hug. They are a minor antagonist.


Casey is a small and sentient cactus. They are green and are riddled with cacti spines/needles. They inhabit a small, beige-colored pot.


Casey is found to be very nice and kind towards all forms of organic life. Be it plants, or people, Casey is always willing to give them a nice, gentle, and painful, hug.

While alone, Casey has been observed quietly crying in a corner. Only stopping when it senses someone enters its vicinity.


Casey will hop around the school in search of things to hug. Upon sighting someone, (Be it an NPC or The Protagonist.) they will hop towards them.

If they make contact with their target, the target will be immobilized for a short amount of time while they hug them and the target will be inflicted with bleeding afterward. After a short while, Casey will let go and wander off in search of others in need of a hug. If they happen to hug Spencer W's angered form, Spencer will calm down and revert to their calm state.

The longer Casey doesn't spot someone, the longer the hug duration. This not only puts The Protagonist at risk of being caught but also increases the intensity of the bleeding.

Casey will also periodically drop Cactus Fruit: A stamina recovery item that will regain 50% of the protagonist's stamina once consumed.