Carle & Edwin Luxbury are the teachers of the woodwork level of AEwVS.


Carle & Edwin are conjoined twins that share one body.Carle has a large, friendly looking white face with flowing gray hair ,while Edwin has a small black wrinkled face with an intimidating expression.They are dressed in a brown leather waistcoat, with a crumpled and stained white shirt underneath.They have ochre coloured shoes that match their waistcoat.


They will quickly instruct the player on various pieces of equipment,and will then ask the player questions about how the tools work.When she inevitably gets one wrong,Carle & Edwin will begin the chase,while the player will have to collect 30 notebooks to activate the exit.

Stage 1:C&E and head teacher will be the only active NPCs at this stage.C&E will be really slow at this point, and will attempt to stop the player by laying out spike traps which cause minor blood loss and trip wires which stun the player for a few seconds.

Stage 2: Graymor & Spectra become active,C&E will become faster and lay down barbed wire, which will stun the player for longer, aswell as causing blood loss.

Stage 3:All NPCs will become active, head teacher will give less warnings,C&E will be at jogging speed.They will only lay down bear traps now, but Carle will throw his tie at the player to twist her legs( this can only be removed using a cutting item ) ,while Edwin will throw needles and smoke grenades to slow the player down.

Stage 4: Graymor will appear more frequently,C&E will be at running speed and school guards will be replaced with cannons which randomly fire. If they hit the player, she’ll be frozen for 10 seconds, but if they hit C&E, they’ll be stunned for 15 seconds. Carle will scream over the School’s speakers ,causing sanity loss to the player ,while Edwin will throw actual grenades that’ll take all the player’s stamina away.

Stage 5: C&E will be at sprinting speed, head teacher will kill the player as soon as she breaks the rules, Demonspawn will escape its hiding place and roam around the school, and cannons will only fire at the player.