James Arganza, known to his mates as Cap’n Jimmy is the main antagonist of The Hellish Barge.


Cap’n Jimmy has an ancient captain’s hat placed firmly upon head. It was given to him by his grandfather when he was young, and it has never once been taken off or washed, and is consequently utterly filthy and soaked with various unpleasant liquids. Jimmy has straight, light brown hair that is slightly too long, small watery blue eyes, and a little pointy nose. He is dressed in a traditional white captain’s uniform, complete with gold epaulettes. Unfortunately, due to the lack of washing facilities on the ship, one of the epaulettes has fallen of and the uniform has become faded into a miserable shade of cloudy grey.


After The Player completes the first stage, Cap’n Jimmy will greet them and tell them that they have to help out with tasks on the ship. After the player finds enough clues to realise that the captain is a massive threat to them, he will chase them around the ship trying to murder them. He has two special abilities: he has an endless supply of old knives under his hat which he will throw at the player. He will throw knives at them non stop for thirty seconds, then the next minute he will throw a knife at them every five seconds, then the minute after that he will cease throwing knives at them completely. He will repeat this bizarre pattern of his over and over again. His other ability is access to the satanic altar. Every time he passes round, he will be able to summon a goblin of his choice to go after the player. The goblin will expire after 15 seconds. Interestingly, this ability can be stopped by avoiding the altar.


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