This is a page for the Cambrian animals from Wyvern Way that appear in a minigame where the player can collect tokens in a fish tank while avoiding these creatures.


The Anomalocaris is the main threat as it is the fastest & cleverest. It’s main weapon is its vicious frontal appendages which are used like powerful tentacles to crush obstacles & its prey. It also has a sleek segmented body that allows it move faster than the player, so they’ll need to think quickly if they want to survive.


The Hallucigenia is another dangerous enemy in the minigame. The Hallucigenia is much smaller than Anomalocaris, but is still a threat to the player. It has large spikes on its back, and they are used for spearing prey. It also has small tentacles on its face face for helping it feel objects.


This creature looks so strange it causes the player to lose sanity. It has several large eyes, and a very long proboscis with sharp fangs in. It has a large, soft, body that slows it down, but its proboscis is very quick-moving and can reach into small spaces.


  • These animals are not accurate to their real life counterparts.
  • Here are the Wikipedia pages for the actual animals: [1], [2][3],