Not many things can put fear into the Shadow Creatures, except maybe Apocrythan, Lumineira(because nothing has ever torn them apart with the same rage and ferocity that she does) and...this guy. Bylaghrouz brings an aura of despair and misery wherever it goes, and while that wouldn't usually affect Shadow Creatures(cuz it's kinda what they all do), this is the exception. The older Shadow Creatures say it's not uncommon for the younger ones to just sort of...collapse from fear when they first see Bylaghrouz, though this is likely an exaggeration. While extremely powerful and capable of causing lots of direct destruction, the creature is known to cause chaos a bit more...indirectly by tormenting and preying on the weak of mind to bend them to it's will. Huh, no wonder even the other Shadow Creatures aren't too fond of this guy.

It is also the younger brother of 5 seconds, apparently, though how that actually works is a mystery as Shadow Creatures don't usually reproduce how most other beings do, so I doubt those two would've had a mother or a father or anything to make them "related". The two of them also apparently had a sister, but she was killed by Goldon'Geyzsron. When she was alive, Apocrythan was always hitting on her, probably just to anger her brothers, particularly Megaloviclus.

Bylaghrouz has an insatiable appetite, and can chomp virtually anything, be it organic or inorganic matter. It's favourite food is cute things, like kittens or ducklings, or puppies. It's appearance is difficult to describe, but Lavenza calls it "a nightmarish T-Rex-creature", as it vaguely resembles a dinosaur. Most of it's body is see-through, showing a seemingly useless, unnatural spine, as well as the creature's latest victim. While it lacks arms, it has horn-hands protruding from it's head, which it uses to snatch up prey and to fight. Despite their flimsy appearance, they are extremely strong and have an inescapable grip, though they are fairly easy to cut off. However, the creature has extraordinary regenerative abilities, so that's something to keep in mind. It is believed to be blind due to not having any eyes, only empty sockets where they should be...they appear to have been forcefully torn out...

Lavenza eventually concludes that her little Shadow Creature, Zakriel, and Bylaghrouz are related, which Zakriel reluctantly confirms. Again, she's not quite sure how that would really work, but...