GeorgeGaming456 GeorgeGaming456 5 March 2021

Miragaz wiki join if youll wanted

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The Real Viktor Strobovski The Real Viktor Strobovski 15 December 2020

Hello there

My Name Is Viktor I Am An 45 Yeared Old Math Teacher. Ask stuff down below.

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Jonathon V Elsworth 2 Jonathon V Elsworth 2 11 September 2020

Wiki Ideas

Hello, and welcome to my blog post! As you can tell by the title, this a list of my ideas for the wiki(this is currently a work in progress, but I’ll try to add more as time goes on, and of course you don’t need to take all of these ideas into account)

  • Add a manual of style page(a page with editing guidelines & how to improve the wiki)for new users.
  • Make the admins page a wiki staff page for all staff members, I think it would be easier than having separate pages for different staff members.
  • Add notices like on the main wiki(eg stub, joke, NSFW)
  • Add more custom features from dev wiki.
  • Add the OCs from FireyDeath4’s blog post on the main wiki.
  • Make a wiki history page.
  • Create a page with suggestions for the main game
  • Make a speculative/unknown cont…

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Registe0 Registe0 24 August 2020

Proposal for a new way to organise pages

Hello there, and thank you for reading this . I would like to propose a new & probably easier way to organise your creations. How it works is everyone on the wiki will create their own category for pages, to tell who created or is working on the page eg. For me I would have “Registe0’s Creations”, which I will add to all the pages I’ve created. If you’re working on a page with someone, simply wait for them to add it, ask them to add it, or if they’re inactive you could add it yourself. I really think this would improve the wiki; anyone active tell me your thoughts in the comments!--XYZ (Talk) 06:52, August 24, 2020 (UTC)

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Joynauti Joynauti 22 August 2020

Creating a level.

Creating a level.

When creating a level, think of the following:

  • Level Design + Locations - The setting where your level takes place in. (EX: The Photography Level)
  • Characters - The characters who populate the level and their respected mechanics. Make sure they are both balanced and fair to go up against. It is advised that you create your own characters. (Unless the creator of the character that you want to use gave permission.)
  • Items - The items that litter the level and their respected mechanics. Make sure they are simple to use and don't conflict with other items within your level. (EX: A squirt gun that can be used to deter a Fire Monster, but needs to be reloaded at drinking fountains. Another item, the Water Bottle, can be used to refil…
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Joynauti Joynauti 29 July 2020


While I am fine with my current status as a Chat-Guard, 

I'd be interested in becoming something more.

After reading the terms of Registe0's FAQ, I made this blog post as a public application. So those who disagree may...Well


I was in a similar situation as Registe0. I was part of an inactive wiki. So I adopted it and tried my best to spice it up.

Whether I succeeded or not is up to debate. But I think I did a decent job of being an admin.

  • I have a clean record of 723 (And counting) global edits. 
  • I have experience with being an admin.
  • I actually enjoy editing and writing articles (Weird right?)
  • And I'm familiar with the lore of AEWVS. So all my articles are at least within the context of the game's plot.

I hope these reasons above are eno…

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Joynauti Joynauti 22 July 2020

Hello World!

This is my first blog post here!

I'm looking forward to being a part of this wiki. Even if it is just fanon.

(Insert other blog post stuff.)


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Registe0 Registe0 2 July 2020

I applied to become owner of this wiki.

Hello there and thank you for reading this ! The owner of this wiki has been inactive for ages, so I have applied to become bureaucrat and sysop(admin) on this wiki ! Down below will be a list of things I will do to try and help the wiki:

  • Badges/Medals (Might be a bit redundant at this point, but I reckon it would still be fun !)
  • Customise MediaWiki pages (Doing this will hopefully give a character of its own!)
  • Delete spam images (In March 2019,a user named Fatbucketto vandalised this wiki by adding spam images, some of them are still on this wiki)
  • Make helpful users admins/moderators(I want to be fair to other users, and it will hopefully build the wiki’s community, which is quite small at the time I’m writing this post)

That’s all for now ,th…

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