Bazala is a concept of Laura's Brother by LeafyLifeBFDI.



The most defying characteristic is his appearance. He wears white jeans, brown shoes and a business suit with a tucked in blue shirt. Does not let his arms touch his torso. Bazala has a short hat and features a very blocky enlarged head, the same goes for the ears.


AI: Roams the halls and is slightly slower than the player's running speed. When he sees you break a rule, he will stop you. For example, If you run, he'll run up to you and make you walk. If you hold prohibited item, He'll make you throw prohibited item, If you eat, He'll take your stamina. After getting all the notebooks, his AI "slightly" changes. If you break a rule in front of him, His sprite changes to the second picture and he'll act like laura and throw you into punishment room for 4000 seconds. I think that's a good time limit. The only problem is that the door only locks for 69 seconds. So you can leave early. Be careful as if he sees you again out of punishment room, He’ll kill you. -LeafyLifeBFDI

Bazala angry.png