The Arithmetic Level is the 13th level(Fanmade) of AEWVS!

Greeting Room[]

The Greeting Room in this level is a little room with a three corridors,Each one Leads to some classrooms and other rooms,It has some trashcans,One fountain,And a strange statue representing some numbers and a picture behind it,Which represents Yelda And Viktor with their weapons and a smile,Yelda will welcome the player to his floor and will TELL him what He must do and what He must not do!


The notebooks are like some pads,LIKE in the math level,They have 3 questions to answer and it has a strange thing that it makes them similar to a television!




Normal Ending:After collecting all 10 notebooks,Yelda will wait for angell at the elevator,Then will TELL her that she acted very great During the entire level,And will not bother her anymore,Then He Will enter in one of the classrooms and angell will be able to proceed directly to the Chemistry Level!

Lil Puss Ending:After collecting all the notebooks,Viktor and Yelda will TELL angell that she has done an incredible job with math and that she can go to the Next floor,After that,Yelda will enter in a classroom and Viktor will take the elevator with angell,The only thing is that he goes back to the first floor!

666 Ending:WIP


Plays when the Player enters the arithmetic level

Plays when the Player gets a question wrong

Plays During the final chase