One of Heaven's Archangels. Recognised very easily by his long blonde hair, and the sunglasses which seem to be plastered to his face almost constantly... seriously. It doesn't even have to be sunny, but he'll still have 'em on!

Azukriel seems to believe that Lorel and Lavenza are related because they both have long blonde hair. This is obviously a very... stupid assumption to make, but Azukriel does not seem to care. Izdriel complains quite a lot about such a possibility, as he thinks Lavenza and Lorel would be a kinda cute couple, which wouldn't really work if they were related.

One thing that everyone else can agree with Azukriel on, however, is that Lavenza and Lorel work very well together. Be it fighting monsters or drawing up plans for something, you couldn't really find a better duo. That being said, the two of them do not work together because they want to, but because they have to. However, it is not recommended to place them in the same room without giving them something to work on , as things like chairs and tables will start flying. And then Lorel, being the absolute gentleman he is, will be more concerned if the chairs he threw at Lavenza broke, and if he has to pay for them if they did, rather than if he hurt Lavenza.

Lorel has a worn down "bracelet-thing" on his arm. It seems like it should've fallen apart ages ago due to the terrible condition that it is in, yet it remains there. Many scars are clustered near and around the bracelet. The bracelet has the number "96" imprinted on it.