A box containing an unknown amount of daggers. Apocrythan's not really known for using daggers, so it is presumed that all of the daggers have some other kind of value to him.

The sorts of daggers he's got in here would put even Lumineira to shame, and daggers are her entire thing...

  • God-Slayer2/Lil' God-Slayer: A dagger that is made out of the same material as God-Slayer, and, as such, possesses the same ability to instantly kill just about anything. Similarly to how Heaven's Razor burns any foul creatures that touch it, this dagger burns any "Creatures of the Light" that touch it.
  • Ignis's Scale: Not really a dagger, but Dragon scales are extremely sharp and durable, and so can function as both offence and defense. But even beyond that.... I wonder why he kept it...?