ACHS Is an FANMADE game from AEwVS. It is created by TheNewAndreaz08(known as AndriTV TM on YouTube), who also did the Italian AEwVS translation.

In this game you must beat these levels:

Angelica Neutral

Angelica Angry

1. Math Level(this is the only playable level so far)

2. Language Level

3. Science Level

4. Music Level

5. The Final Era

Angelica Wilkins will be your first teacher! (in the math level)


You wake up in a strange chaotic school as a young girl called "Emily". You and helpscreen are in danger! There are multiple floors in this school. But a strange teacher in the last floor called "William" is controlling all teacher's brains which makes them go mad after you get their questions wrong. Escape Angelica, stay aware from Lucas's dog bites, survive Emma and Sophie in their floors and reach the last floor destroying william to beat the william's curse and salve yourself, helpscreen and his friends! Math level is the only playable level so far.


Discord server:

Creator’s YouTube Channel(has multiple ACHS videos):

LosBiro ACHS Gameplay:


Math Level.png


Angelica welcome the first example the second example the third example the fourth example the last example final chase music Angelica quiet Math elevator end Angelica Enraged

The theme sound