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in the BC 0/2 once you got to the exit you are in a elevator you pressed the number 4 but the elevator stopped at 3 for some reason. and now you are here also the elevator closed behind you. and the wheels that make the elevator move up and down are now not functioning. Tiara is also here to ruin your day

what you have to do is first do not get seen by Tiara (obviously). Then you need to find a item like a Screwdriver or a Hammer. Once you have those, go to the exit and use the hammer on the wood blocking the exit. Using the Screwdriver go to a iron cube and tear screws out with your Screwdriver in the cube is the key to open the door go the exit, and open it with the key. Also these items are Very hard to get and they are at random places         When the player plays this level on lil puss tiara is gone and only albert is here to help her 


 The 8-Bit level ambiance
 Plays when the player is being chassed by tiara
 Plays when the player plays the 8-bit level on lil puss