Rusty Painting Frame:This artifact can be found in the RUST Labyrinth, it has a 32% chance of spawning in the Math Level's main building.


Laura: If Laura sees you holding it, she'll act as if it's a prohibited item, but she'll punish you for a random amount of time.

Mix: If Mix sees you holding it, he will rush at you at intense speed, and play a voice line saying, "HEY YOU, GET BACK HERE, NOW."

Viktor: If Viktor sees you holding it, he'll say, "Uhh, where'd you find that?" He'll then lure you into coming closer, then kill you, resulting in a game over.

Cleany: He'll automatically steal it from you, defining it as "trash" or "nasty", and put it in the most far away wastebasket/trashcan from you.

Freek-a-delka: Freek-a-delka will be tamed for 35 seconds, before resuming her chase. It has a delay of 5 minutes before it works again.